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A Uniway Franchise (Atlanta North) took my order (and up-front payment) for over $6000 of deck furniture. They never placed the order (which I didn't find out until months later) even though they charged my credit card up front.

Uniway corporate is now having in internal dispute with the branch that took the order, which is no longer operating, but refuse to refund my $$. I have since placed a separate order directly with the manufacturer (Winston) who has done everything they can to take care of us. Uniway is now telling me that they will now place my order (months overdue...for product that they can't even get any more) and still refuses to refund my money.

Don't buy from them.

Way too sketchy. Conversations with employees and Winston confirm this.

In hind-sight I would definitely pay a more from a reputable retailer.

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:(they told me i could order anything i now know thats not true after they had my money. be weary of what your told its not always true

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